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Unlimited e-sign with GPS and IP tracking

Any of our paid members can send unlimited word documents for e-signing their contracts or agreements and save and archive them for future use. Each e-sign authenticates the signees GPS location, IP address and device ID for validation.

Intelligently Designed Proposals

You don’t have to be an artist or web developer to deliver sleek digital proposals that work as well as they look. Proposa takes the guesswork and artwork out of your sales process.

Ai generated content suggestion

Just ask our Ai content writer "Benefits of" and it will come back with an Ai generated content suggestion. Ain't this cool?

Ask Proposa the “Benefits of …” or “Why we should …” or any question for writing proposal content and it will come back with a set of suggestions that you can copy paste to your proposal.

"I appreciated the industry-specific templates offered and being able to see when our proposals were opened and by who, allowing for us to follow up the same day for maximum success. We landed two new clients with our first use of Proposa. I highly recommend it!"

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Real-Time Notifications

Proposa delivers real-time notifications every time your prospect opens your proposal. Get the phone ready.

Use and Reuse What Works

Quit the copy and paste routine and create dynamic templates so you can write the content once and reuse what works for future proposals. With our intelligent heatmapping system, you can see what matters most, and what doesn’t matter at all to your prospects.

With our intelligent heatmapping system, you can see what matters most, and what doesn’t matter at all to your prospects.

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A 100% risk-free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

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Quality Proposal creation tool that Gets Sales – Get the Proposal Automation

Good proposal software can help streamline the process of planning a potential project. For this process to be as smooth as possible, the proposal must be informative from the very start. Use the Proposa software, and you will have your proposal signed within minutes!

Create Proposals that win

For a proposal to be successful, it has to impress at first glance. If the proposal is professionally made and detailed, it will bring you much closer to signing a deal. The Proposa tool will help achieve that effect.

At Proposa, we know exactly what you need for the proposal to result in sales. We know what should be avoided in a quality proposal, and we also know how to build immediate trust in your recipients.

Why use our Online proposal creation tool?

Use the Proposa software to create your next proposal. Our users enjoy the following benefits:

Automated proposal creation process

The bigger your business gets, the more proposals you need to send out. Our proposal program allows you to automate the process, generating quality proposals within minutes. Say goodbye to bad proposals and low conversion rates by using Proposa!

Real-Time Notifications

As a business owner, you waste a lot of time waiting on emails from your clients. Until the proposal is opened, you do not know whether it will be accepted or not. Get our online proposal software and receive real-time notifications for every proposal that gets opened! This way, you can take action much faster and get paid in record time.

Templates for Great Proposals

You don’t have to be a fancy web designer to create high-quality business proposals. You may simply use a template and customize it to your needs. Use the templates offered by Proposa and save yourself precious time and money. All of them are in Google Docs format, which allows you to share them with your colleagues. We can also provide you with a sample of what you need, allowing you to create an effective proposal.

AI generated content writing suggestions

At Proposa, we make use of the latest technology and electronic services when delivering our services. When creating a winning proposal, all you need to do is offer instructions on what you need. Our AI content-writing program will take that information and put together original content that you can use. Check our library for a proposal example, just to see what the finalized content will look like.

Visibility and Insight

A good proposal will attract the attention of your client starting with the title. At Proposa, we know that proposals have a very important role in the sales cycle. By using our proposal builder, you can see exactly which proposals got the most views. By analyzing the engagement with each of your documents, our proposal program can create even more effective texts in the long run.

Use Our Proposal Builder!

A proposal shouldn’t take longer than necessary to put together! Use the Proposa builder, and you will have a winning proposal in just a few clicks! Impress your prospective clients and stand out from the crowd by handing out the best proposals!




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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a proposal creation tool?

Proposal creation tool refers to a type of technology that provides different features that make the writing, managing, and sending of business proposals streamlined. With such software, you will get an interface for document building. It’s very easy to draft documents as the interface is easy to navigate and read, and also looks great. Proposals built manually can take ages, leading to businesses wasting too much time on them. With the help of a proposal creation tool, they can build proposals more easily thanks to available templates and the option to add more content and pictures. Moreover, this type of software has e-signature integrations, meaning that customers will effortlessly find which areas require their signature through scanning.


What does a proposal creation tool do?

The purpose of a proposal creation tool is to make the whole proposal process streamlined and automatic. This way, you will be able to make and share documents more quickly and monitor how successful they are.


What is a proposal automation software?

Proposal automation software eliminates the need for human intervention. It can perform proposal processes through technology. Basically, it can complete all tasks just on time by taking simple, repetitive tasks and establishing certain rules to make automation possible.


What is a sales proposal making tool?

Through a sales proposal creation tool, you are able to boost win rates and boost your productivity levels. This type of software is a useful tool that can make the process of drafting and sending proposals smoother and much simpler. This happens through templates that can be customized, but also through requests for ready-made answers.


What are the benefits of Proposa?

The advantages of Proposa include:

Better and Efficient Marketing

Everyone wants to market their services, and you can do this through proposals. These proposals serve as applications, but also advertisements. So, if you want to boost recognition, you can incorporate a few marketing techniques in the proposals. A donor will certainly notice when your proposal is well-written, so not having your piece chosen for funding will not necessarily be in vain as long as you make it good. In the future, this proposal can prove to be beneficial, as it can help you get more engagement and even the funding you desire so much. But if you do not make an effort with your proposal, it will look like a spam ad instead.

Improved Project Planning

Bad projects can harm you more than you think. You need to craft the plan carefully and pay attention to every detail. By drafting a proposal, you will be able to think out of the box, allowing you to explain your project better. Even though writing a proposal is a very slow process, it’s worth it, as it makes sure every single part of the project gets careful planning.

Better Research

Your project can enjoy some nice growth through research and, fortunately, the proposal process also involves the research part. You must research the issue, solution, beneficiaries, donors, projects from the past that share similarities, and so on. What you discover can lead to a better project and even some personal growth.

Having Written Proof
When a proposal is created, it becomes the seed that grows into a contract between the implementing organization and the donor. With this proposal, the beneficiaries get promises for the things the NGO will be able to fulfill with the resources requested. Having all details written down can help a lot in this case, and it improves communication as well. Besides, when there is any legal challenge, the written proposal can serve as proof.

Making Plans for Evaluation and Monitoring

In a proposal, the project’s activities, objectives, and expected outcomes are clearly detailed. M&E efforts can be helped by having the information written down in an easy-to-understand manner. Through a proposal, NGOs are obligated to consider assumptions, indicators, and risks.

Making Sure Everyone Is on the Same Page

With a proposal, you can ensure that everyone on the team shares one goal. So, when working on the project, everything has to be written down to ensure there are no misunderstandings – otherwise, the plan can be ruined. The proposal allows people to discuss potential issues and reach a consensus.