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Get your next big contract by using quotation templates.
If you’re in business, you probably have to offer prices for goods and services in the form of quotes, proposals or job descriptions. Proposa’s commercial proposal templates offer a variety of professional-looking options to help with this process.

With these templates, you can create professionally designed proposals for new clients or increase the number of orders from existing clients.
Small businesses that submit daily bids to contractors, will be able to find at our site the customizable industry-specific quote templates. Other quote templates, such as job descriptions, are customizable for most service industries. Choose from a variety of price lists and quotation templates to deal with your next work contract.

Some templates are practically ready-made quotations. All you need to do is just fill out a ready-made form, entering the name of your company and the type of services to be provided in the form. However, regardless of how exactly you will create your proposal (use a ready-made form or write from scratch) you should always remember that the proposal is a very important document in your business, which can, figuratively speaking, predetermine the fate of your business.


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