No Risk Pricing

Proposa costs less than you’ll spend on Starbucks this month. Each plan comes with a 100% risk-free 14-day trial.

No credit card required.

All Plans Come With...

Proposa's features are perfect for the individual, the startup, or the established enterprise business. These features come standard in every plan.

Digital & Print Proposals

Keep and store proposals in your proposal library. Use them for future reference and store them for as long as you want. Export to PDF at any time.

Template Library

Professionally designed templates make the aesthetic pop so you don't have to be a designer to make a stunning proposal.

Saved Content

Reuse what works! Quickly and easily add content to your library and reduce your time to get that next proposal out.

Your Logo

You can upload your own logo to further personalize your Proposa proposals.

Customer Support

Get in touch with us and get help from our experts quickly and easily.

Secure Proposals

Add a password to any one of your proposals to add an additional layer of security around it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t see the answer you were looking for? Click the blue icon in the lower right corner to start a live chat with us.

Can I export my proposal to a PDF?

Yes, absolutely. Although we recommend sending digital links instead, you can definitely export your proposal to a beautiful PDF.

Do I have to be an artist to use Proposa?

Absolutely not! Proposa was built for professionals who want to save time without jeopardizing the quality of their proposal.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You sure can. Upgrading your plan will happen instantaneously whereas downgrading your plan will become effective at the end of your billing period.

Can I cancel at any time?

Cancel anytime you wish. Your account will still be active until the end of your billing period.

What's included in my 14-day free trial?

Your free trial is unrestricted. You get access to each and every feature of the plan that you choose during signup.

Is my data safe?

Without a doubt. Your data is secured behind your account and proposals are delivered with 256-bit SSL security. We’ll never access your data without your permission or as required to better our product. If you’re into lawyer-ese, you can read our full privacy policy here.

What if I still like Powerpoint?

Then Proposa may not be for you. But if you give Proposa a try, don’t be surprised when you increase your win rate and deliver proposals with the speed and ease that you didn’t think was possible.