Your Proposal as a PDF

While it is preferrable to send digital proposals, your client may ask for a printed copy. Don’t worry, Proposa does that too.

Proposa Proposals in PDF

Digital or Print Proposals

Build one version of your proposal and use it as a digital document or as a downloadable PDF.

  • Remarkable PDFs The PDF looks as good as the digital version.
  • One Version. Two Formats. You don't need to create separate versions for your digital or PDF proposals. Do it once.


PDF proposals are as easy as a click of a button.

Which Proposa tiers offer PDF exports?

All of them from Individual up to Enterprise. It doesn’t matter which tier you’re on in Proposa, you can always download PDFs of your proposals.

When should I use the digital proposal and when should I use the PDF?

It’s always preferable to use the digital proposal. This is how Proposa is able to offer valuable insights like open notifications and behavioral analysis.

However, if you get that prospect that wants to put the proposal on their boss’ desk, always know that you can send a sharp PDF as well.

Are there any features that don't work in the PDF?

No. Everything you build in Proposa will cascade gracefully to the PDFs. However, things like embedded video won’t play inside of a PDF (of course), but it will thumbnail your video and provide the link to it on the PDF version.

Why is the PDF export still in beta?

We’re still working out some small kinks. Going from a digital presentation to a print-ready document is challenging, especially with an open-ended platform like Proposa. But we’re constantly making it better.