Proposal Limits

With Proposa, you control the state your proposal is in. Only proposals that are in the Published state count against your quota.

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Proposal States in Proposa

Understanding Proposal States

Your proposal can exist in any one of five distinct states.

  • Draft These proposals are still being worked on by you or your team and are not accessible by your prospects.
  • Published These proposals are open and accessible by your prospects. Proposals in this state count against your Published Proposal Quota
  • Won Congratulations! You've won. Proposals in the Won state are inaccessible by your prospects and do not count against your Active Proposals quota.
  • Lost Well, you can't win them all. Proposals marked as lost are not accessible by your prospects and do not count against your quota.
  • Expired Proposals that have been marked expired either manually or through scheduling are no longer accessible by your prospects and do not count against your quota.

Published Proposal Quota FAQs

Managing proposal statuses helps you better understand your pipeline while also allowing you to control access to your sales content.

Can I move proposals back-and-forth between states?

Yes, absolutely. You control what state your proposal is in at all times.

Can I revoke access to a proposal?

Yes. You can either remove access from a single individual or the proposal as a whole by changing its state to anything but Published.

I've hit my published proposal limit. Can I purchase more without upgrading?

If you’ve hit your open proposal limit and would like to talk to us about providing a higher quota, simply chat with us by clicking the blue box in the lower right. We’re always happy to carve out custom plans that work for you.