Build Your Proposal Faster and Smarter

Proposa takes you from prospect to customer with an intuitive interface that helps you build three times faster than you currently do. With smart insights that legacy applications can’t provide, you’ll close more.

Concentrate on Content Not Design

Go from blank slate to a winning proposal in no time.

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  • Uncluttered Interface for Focused Results The canvas may be blank but it won’t be for long. The Proposa interface is elegant and simple allowing you to concentrate only on what matters.
  • Easily Add Your Content Proposa provides 5 building blocks that allow for limitless options. Add text, multimedia, tables, lists, or slideshows, with ease.
  • Save For Later Don’t spend time building what’s already been built. Proposa’s smart templating system allows you to easily use and reuse content from your own library.
  • Don't Worry About Design You don’t have to be a graphic artist to create visually stunning proposals. Proposa handles the design details. Simply add and position your content and you’ll be as impressed as your prospects.
Real-Time Notifications

Real-Time Open Notifications

Know when you're top-of-mind. Proposa sends real-time open notifications when your prospects open your proposal.

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  • No More Guessing Know when and how often your prospects are interacting with your content.
  • Know When and Where Proposa pings you each time your proposal is opened, and from the location it was opened.
  • Control Your Content If you feel that your content is being forwarded around, you can always remove access immediately.

Unmatched Style. Unprecedented Ease.

With customizable templates fit for any industry, Proposa delivers the wow factor that moves you closer to your revenue goals.

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  • Limitless Options Proposa delivers the right amount of options to truly make your proposal stand out. With our basic building blocks, designing unique proposals has never been easier.
  • Modern Designs for Any Audience Choose any template and watch your content come to life. You don't have to worry about the design – simply plug and play with unparalleled ease of use.
  • Works Everywhere Your proposal will be sent as a unique link to your prospects. Whether they open it on their computer, a tablet, or a phone, your proposal will automatically format to their device.
  • Delivering the Win Proposa helps you stand out among your competitors. They’ll send a Powerpoint or a PDF. You’ll send a winning bid.

Smart Insights & Analytics

Proposa tracks and delivers actionable intelligence on how your proposals are being viewed. Know when your proposal is opened and what was looked at.

Start Tracking Your Proposals
  • Real-Time Monitoring Get a notification every time your prospect opens your proposal and where they opened it. Wait five minutes and give them a call.
  • See What They're Seeing Each proposal view is layered with a heatmap so you can see exactly what your prospect is looking at. Take action on items that are hot while understanding what may not have been important.
  • Improve With Data Proposa builds on its intelligence with each proposal view. Use this data to transform how you position your offering to future prospects.

Reuse What Works

Proposa saves time and money with simple templating for each new proposal.

14 Day Free Trial
  • Reusable Segments Build it once, save it for later. Proposa allows you to build an unlimited library of quick hits that are simple and easy to repurpose.
  • Create Standards Proposa helps align all proposals regardless of which team member is authoring. Your library contains all the standard elements your team will need for every proposal.
  • Stop Copying & Pasting Avoid disaster by eliminating the danger in copying and pasting. Standardize your set and ensure that a proposal is never sent without the right information.